Lush Locks? Tips From Celebrity Hairdresser Liz Taw

I recently spent an afternoon indulging in lots of girly pampering with Aussie Hair and Herbal EssencesApart from hearting the manicures and make-overs courtesy of Max Factor, oh and the yummy afternoon tea, Liz Taw the official brand ambassador for Aussie (and celeb hair stylist to the likes of Take That – so jealous) gave me a hair-over, along with her top tips for super gorgeous hair, and what to expect in terms of trends:

Liz doesn’t look too impressed with the current state of my hair
  • Healthy, luscious, rich looking hair is the way forward (i’m thinking Cheryl Cole and Scarlett Johansson). Hair should look expensive and well maintained, but not overdone
  • Ditch the ghd’s for a hairdryer – poker straight is not a good look, and neither are ghd curls (as i usually attempt)
  • Large tongs help create gorgeous waves and sexy big curls. Apply hairspray to sections of hair and roll around the tong, set the curl by adding a grip to the rolled sections
  • A good conditioner is the most important part of your hair care routine, run it from mid lengths to ends
  • If you are addicted to heat styling like blowdrying, straightening and curling – then def don’t skrimp on heat protection, it will keep your hair healthy and prevent breakages

I loved the big bouncy curls Liz created for me.

I had my nails painted in a lovely orangey red which features in the S/S Max Factor collection

Reviews of the Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine range and Aussie Take The Heat coming soon

5 thoughts on “Lush Locks? Tips From Celebrity Hairdresser Liz Taw

  1. wow that looks amazing – how on earth did you get invited to this event?It looks like a very fun day! I always use Aussie hair products – I swear by them, the 3 minute miracle conditioner was the only thing that saved my hair after having a *ahem* perm. Bad times haha.Sam xx

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