Lipstick Loverrr

I think i have a new obsession, or even an additional obsession to my usual Bronzer obsession. LIPSTICK,  pink lipstick to be more precise. 
In two days i have bought 4 lipsticks, this may not sound like many, but my purse definitely felt some pain, especially since all four colours are so similar. I just couldn’t walk away from them, and i love them all.

YSL Rouge Volupte 30 & 7 (L-R)
T-B: Rouge Volupte 30, Rouge Volupte 7

These luscious lippies from YLS are seriously to die for. Not only was i amazed by the vibrant colours but also the silky texture. The lipsticks glide on, feeling really moisturising and light. I have found in the past that such bold shades of lipstick highlight any dry or flakey patches of skin, but these are created to nourish lips as well as colour them. And they taste yummy of Melons – mmm delish! 

Ok i know these two goodies from Mac look almost identical, but they’re not, they produce two quite different albeit pink looks. Once is Barbie on a ‘out there’ day and the other is Barbie on a down day. If Barbie puts you off, then you may not like these. They are pretty damn pink. I love the look each creates, and i love mixing them up with nuder shades to achieve a subtle shade too – so versatile! 

T – B: Chatterbox (Amplified) and Pink Nouveau (Satin)

5 thoughts on “Lipstick Loverrr

  1. @DesignerSpray – deaf try the ysl if you get the chance. i have never had a lipstick that applied so well and felt so great – not even my Tom Ford!!x@EllysMakeupbag ooo difficult choice, i almost got Lovelorn too, but Chatterbox won x

  2. Wow i would love to see chatterbox on your lips as our skintones look quite similar in colour!Ive bought about 25 lipsticks in the last 1 month, haha i'm definitely feeling the pinch.

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