Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Range

When it comes to haircare products, i’m probably not that loyal. I constantly chop and change shampoo and conditioner, as i continue my quest to find something that nourishes my dry ends without weighing down roots that are prone to turning greasy.
The latest range i have tested is the new Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. I’m already a big Dove bodycare fan, but wasn’t sure what to expect from their hair products.

I have to say this range was sheer bliss to use, and to smell. It might not be the range that instantly springs to mind where hair is concerned, and it doesn’t come with a glamourous hair salon chain attached to it – but it most definitely delivers satisfying results.
My hair was charged with gloss and shine, strands were silky smooth and overall much more manageable than usual. For a change, there was no need for any GHD straightening, just a whizz of the hairdryer was enough.
For products that works so fantastically well, i’d love for the packaging to speak to same by being more chic and standout. I do however like the style of the Express Treatment Conditioner, which comes in a squeeze tube, maybe all the products should be this way? Don’t let your eyes gloss over this range on the supermarket shelves, give it a try.

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