Back To The 80’s

For my birthday this weekend, the ladies and i decided to celebrate 80’s style. Clothes, make up and nails! It looks like an easy era to recreate, but it actually took a lot of thinking and planning. The result was fun, bright, very 80’s and a bit scary!
Step 1:Crimped hair with a touch of backcombing:

Step 2: Make up was all about Eyes and Cheeks:

Step 3: Nails had to stand out:

The overall outfit: was hilarious but so 80’s

5 thoughts on “Back To The 80’s

  1. I LOVE this look – you look awesome! haha.Hope you had an amazing night – not tempted to go out like that during the day?? (I actually quite like how you did your nails and might try it!) hahaSam xx

  2. @EllysMakeUpBag hope you had a super time, can't go wrong with shiney spandex x@Amina thanks pickle. I'm actually loving the 80's now! haha@Manths Had a super night Sam. Don't think i'll be donning all that neon in public tho- haha. i'll try the nails again, i was thinking a pink and black combo or something xx@imani nickel thanks hon, it was defo a great night. Try out the nails. Could be the next be nail trend hehe 🙂

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