BareMinerals Launch Skincare Range

BareMinerals make up has become one of the UK’s top selling cosmetic brands. Formulated from 100% pure minerals, its a range that gives back to skin in more ways than one. I was instantly hooked. So, with the launch of BareMinerals Skincare imminent, i’m more than curious to discover if these products will have the same impact.

I’ve got some items from the range to try out, so reviews will follow shortly, but for now, here is the lowdown on the BareMinerals Skincare range.

Receiving top reviews in the US, the new skincare products are based on RareMinerals activeSoil Complex. Hmm the idea of pasting soil over skin isn’t particularly appealing to anyone, but fear not, nothing of the sort is expected. In actual fact, RareMinerals is extracted from rich soils and made up of beneficial macro and micro minerals and anti oxidants. It all sounds a bit scientific, but put simply, BareMinerals have continued to keep their debut skincare products mineral based, sourcing ingredients from nature. This complex is said to boost cell turnover, reduce lines, visibly decrease pore size and give skin an overall luminosity. Admittedly, it does all sound very promising, but time will tell.

There range includes cleansers, moisturisers and treatments:
Purifying Facial Cleanser – £15
Deep Cleansing Foam – £15
Purely Nourishing Moisturiser – £27
Firming Eye Treatment – £23
Pure Transformation Nightcream – £45
The full BareMinerals Skincare Range will be available from April in Selfridges and BareMineral Boutiques.

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