Pony That Tail

Pony Tails are back, and they are back BIG time. Forget about those school day hair bunches, and the Croydon facelift, these ponies are cool, chic, elegant and a must for the Spring. In fact i have already started sporting the low pony. 
Here are some of my favourite Pony looks:

Vera Wang models sported this tucked under low pony on the runway
I love this Michael Kors look. Big backcombed hair in a chic tail
So this Luca Luca Pony is really cool, but probably not very practical

…and my favourite celeb ponies:

Cheryl Cole rocked this fabulous low pony at the Brit Awards this year
Kim Kardashian has made this her iconic pony with the front quiff
A simple but very elegant ponytail on Lauren Conrad

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