First Ever Untouched Beauty Ad Campaign…there is hope!

The untouched ad. The slight shine on the models forehead, and the uneven skintone on her arm add to the fact that there is no additional enhancing involved

Make-Up Forever, the professional beauty range which originates from Paris have launched their first ever untouched ad campaign in the USA this week. The online and print ads promoting the MUFE HD products have NOT been digitally retouched at all,infact they have been nortorized to confirm this. The four variations of the ad feature girls taking photos of themselves, obvioulsy the models are all beautiful, but clever tricks such as photography lighting has been used to create fabulous images. Above all, MUFE are perfectly portraying that their HD make up is pretty amazing and you dont actually need any fancy photoshop-ing.
You can learn more about the idea behind the untouched campaign here as well as check out some before and after shots of yourself!
Some of the other images used for the MUFE untouched campaign.


2 thoughts on “First Ever Untouched Beauty Ad Campaign…there is hope!

  1. This is an excellent idea!! I'm so glad after sooooo many years of people complaining about airbrushing that someone has finally had the guts to do something about it!!! I think if everyone jumps on the band wagon it will be a big test to whether their products actually work or they've just been fobbing everyone off with airbrushing!! These women still look amazing!! Samxxx

  2. @manths – i know, finally someone has been brave enough to make such a bold advertising move. I think MUFE might have started something big here. I remember the whole mascara advertising drama too, although not much has changed, they just have to note on the ad that inserts/ manipulaiton has been added – most of the time the text is so tiny, no one notices xx

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