REN Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm

I have recently been dipping into REN’s Guerande Salt Exfoliating body scrub. Packed with natural ingredients of Guerande Sea Salt, Peppermint Oil, Olive Oil and Basil Oil. This exfoliator claims to leave skin smooth, renewed and glowing. And being REN, this product is au natural, with no synthetic additives in the mix!

The amazingly large tub (330ml for £20)is filled with a gorgeously balmy textured potion, blended with salt grains which really do roll across the body removing dead and flaky skin. Unlike those body scrubs which are more cream or liquid than scrubby bits, i really liked the fact that the REN scrub actually felt like an exfoliator on a mission. 
The thick moisture filled balm is applied to dry skin, and spreads a long way. With a bit of elbow grease, its really easy to get into a bit of a exfoliating rhythm. It feels a bit like dry body brushing, but no scratchiness and lots of moisturising bonuses. Nothing has worked so well on my constantly dry elbows. 

This really is a brilliant must have treat for the body. My skin definitely is smoother, nourished and brighter, and this was the case straight after the first application. There is actually no need for to moisturise after using this product, but i still did as i am addicted.
If there was something i didn’t particularly take to with this product, it’s the smell. It isn’t offensive, not at all, it’s just a slightly dullish scent that i couldn’t really place. 
My humongous pot is never ending, but when it does finally come to an end, i will without a doubt be investing in another. 

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