BareMinerals Skincare Range: Tried, Tested and Blogged

Bare Minerals recently launched their debut skincare range. Based on RareMinerals activeSoil Complex, this 100% natural collection includes cleansers, moisturisers and treatments. You can read more about it HERE. I received the range before it launched nationwide, so have been using it for about a month now – is it worth investing in? 
Simply put, its an OK range, probably not for me, but here are my thoughts on the products i have been trying out. 

Purifying Facial Cleanser: This daily cleanser has a soft smooth texture, foams well and is great at removing make up, including mascara. Its probably the favourite of the 3 BareMinerals products i tried. After cleansing, my skin looked brighter, but did feel a bit tight. I’d probably use this if i was at the gym or traveling, its quick and easy and does the job.
Purely Nourishing Moisturiser: I was actually most excited about using this product, but for me it was the most disappointing. I found that although it had a velvety creamy texture to touch, it didn’t appear to feed or nourish my skin enough. I continued to feel tight and dehydrated after applying, to the point that i would question if i had actually even put the cream on. Possibly better for skins that do not require much moisture attention.
Firming Eye Treatment: This was a comforting and nourishing eye cream. It was basically a nice eye cream, but i didn’t find anything particularly stand out about it. I personally like an eye cream that helps me look perkier on tired days, while also combatting fine lines caused by dryness or early signs of ageing. So far, i haven’t seen anything like this from the BM eye cream. I think this would be a good item for those who simply require light moisture around the eye area. If fine lines are an issue there are better targeted products out there.
Overall, the BareMinerals skincare products are ‘nice‘ rather than fabulous. Something i could take or leave. If you already have pretty good skin that doesn’t need much attention, it will be a good range for you. I liked the cleanser, but not enough to buy it again. I have used other skincare ranges that have provided more of a positive change. I think I’ll stick to BareMinerals for their make up rather than their skincare.  

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