Bronzed Addiction

I adore that golden, sun kissed look. I’m not a fan of frying myself under the ageing UV sun, and i don’t really go in for spray tans – i don’t need to as i naturally have olive skin. However, i do like to sport that ‘just back from hols’ golden look. Over the years i have managed to build a fabulous collection of some gorgeous (some not so) bronzers. My latest addition is Faux Tan, all over face colour by BareMinerals.

As with the other BM make up, Faux Tan is a loose power, 100% pure mineral formulation with SPF 15. Its packaged in a gorgeous metallic bronze compact, with a flip top lid and mirror – initially i though this was more practical than a screw top, but then i noticed that the powder leaks from the back of the container when in my make up bag – can be a tad messy!

The luscious, deep brown powder gives a natural holiday colour. You only need a tiny amount, which will go a long way.

Swatched: Faux Tan. This is quite a deep shade as i used quite a lot of product
to show the extent of colour than can be achieved

I apply Faux Tan to all the areas where the sun would naturally catch my face; cheeks, forehead and bridge of my nose. The colour has a touch of shimmer to it which looks lush in the sunlight. 

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