Attack Of The Saggy Knee

So the sun has come out. Thick tights across London town are quickly being whipped off, and hemlines are happily creeping up the thigh. 
I think its quite apparent we make more effort to look good in the summer. Whether it be ensuring the wax appointment is kept, moisturising rough skin on elbows, or topping up the fake tan – we all have our die hard routine. 

Each summer, there is one thing that i inspect without fail. With worrying anticipation, i roll up my jeans and scrutinise my knees. If there is one thing that concerns me more than facial ageing, its ‘Knee Ageing or Saggy Knees’ – well thats what i call it. I am terrified of waking up one morning, only to find i have reached the point of no return, wrinkly skin around the knees – akin to a little Shar Pei pup. 

Elle McPhearson: Wrinkled, but i have seen far worse

Its a sure fire sign of ageing, and is bound to hit one or more of us at some point as we get older. Many a time my eyes have averted their gaze to seek out ladies with Saggy Knees. Walking up and down Oxford Street, sitting in the park, laying on the beach, wherever i may be, i spot them. I feel its such a unnecessary hindrance to be plagued with this problem. Who even invented the need for knees to age. Purleease!

I have been known to apply anti wrinkle face cream to my knees – extreme? Maybe, but not as extreme as surgery. There is actually a surgical procedure to help fix this ‘problem’. The creatively named ‘Knee Lift’ strives to tighten the muscles above the knee cap, and cut away the excess loose skin. Although Demi Moore has reportedly opted for this, i think it is a touch too much to go under the knife, especially because there is risk of quite thick, obvious scarring. 

Demi Moore Before and After Knee Lift

The alternative, is to try out a non-invasive treatment such as Thermage, which helps to tone, tighten and contour skin. Tempting. But, before turning to these expensive measures, here are some precautions to take in order to keep those undesirables at bay. I will be trying these out for now:

Posh should get on with some lunging

Top tips to avoid Saggy Knees:
Avoid sun worshipping if possible
Wear SPF 25 + when out in the sun
Exercise to tone the area. Walking and the step machine are good options.
Squats, lunges and leg extensions performed regularly will help build and tighten muscles in the knee area (don’t overdo these though as they can put a lot of pressure on your joints)
Finally…a longer skirt (noooo, i wont throw out the minis) will cover up the sag.

Ok…so at this point, i guess you should just cover up
Yep, it’s Melanie Grffiths

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