New: L’Oreal Glam Shine Fresh & Resist and Shine Tropical Nails Collection

As the the Colour Blocking trend takes off in the fashion world, the beautiful universe that is make-up is sure to follow.
L’Oreal’s new Glam Shine Fresh collection embraces the trend with its cocktail of tropical tones for lips and eyes.  

I’ve tried out some of the lip range. Lip glosses come in two varieties:
Glam Shine Fresh:Enriched with vitamin C and E, each of the tangy shades provide a clear gloss finish. Great to wear alone or over lipstick. Although some of these gloss shades look quite bright, they apply clear.

Glam Shine Fresh Colours:
♦Aqua Lemon Tropic – Yellow
♦Aqua Grapefruit – Peachy Coral
♦Aqua Lychee – Pinky Coral
♦Aqua Curacao – Bold Blue
♦Aqua Pomegranate – Cerise
♦Aqua Watermelon – Dark Pink
♦Aqua Mandarin – Bright Orange
Glam Shine Fresh 6Hr: With similar fresh shades and the injection of vitamins, this range comes with a long lasting formula. No need to re-apply for 6hours. These glosses are slightly less sheer, with the ability to build to more deeper coverage if desired. 
Both ranges sport the heart shaped wand which i previously wasn’t really a fan of, but am quickly getting used to.
Glam Shine Fresh 6Hr Colours:
♦Lemon Tonic
These are great glosses for the summer, lovely colours with a nice consistency which isn’t too sticky. You won’t find half your hair do stuck to your face on breezier days.


Resist & Shine Tropical Nail Collection:
There are five vibrant nail shades to choose from. I am wearing two coats of shades Wonderful Watermelon (430) and Popping Pomegranate(451) on alternate nails, however it’s impossible to tell the difference between the two from this photograph, basically 430 is a pinky red and 451 is a more classic red.
I hadn’t tried this range of polish before, and was actually really impressed with the creamy formula, and the ease of application. The polish has a professional glossy finish. I could have got away with one coat of colour and achieved great coverage. The other thing to note is that the range is formaldehyde and toluene free.

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