Spotty Skin and Wrinkles

It’s bad enough having spots, but what happens when you have to deal with spots AND wrinkles. That’s got to  be a confidence killer. Which one do you deal with first? And will dealing with one, worsen the other. It can be a bit of a vicious circle, and quite a disheartening one at that.
I recently learnt about a range which had me asking ‘why hasn’t anyone done this before?’ Dr Murad’s Anti Ageing Blemish Control is a skincare collection which tackles spots and wrinkles together. This line concentrates on delivering hydration to the skins cells, something Murad calls ‘The Science of Cellular Water’ while also clearing blemishes.

The range features 3 key ingredients:
●Sailicylic Acid which treats blemishes for hours after using the product
●Silver Citrate, a natural antibacterial which targets the bacteria that have invaded the skins environment
●Kombucha Collagen Defense, stimulates collagen production and prevents further breakdown of it.

Dr Murad’s Anti Ageing Blemish Control Products:
●Time Release Blemish Cleanser: Delivers a drip feed type blemish treatment to the skin whilst topping up hydration to help keep skin supple.
●Blemish & Wrinkle Reducer: A serum type formula which helps combat blemishes and fight fine lines.
●Anti Ageing Moisturiser SPF20: Helps promote youthful skin by aiding hydration and collagen at deeper levels, offering spot control. Contains SPF 20 
You can learn more about the range HERE 

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