Your Royal Hotness

There is no getting away from the royal wedding tomorrow. Its a big day for Kate and Will’s, with the nation, if not the world also getting involved. I have decided to make the most of the extra days holiday by embracing my inner princess…or even queen and indulging in a bit of muchly needed me time and pampering.

A Royal Knees Up…starting at the gym. Oh yes it might be a public holiday, but the gym is open, and the treadmill is waiting for me. I have a rather obsessive compulsive relationship with the treadmill, in fact i have to get on it every day. Even worse, it has to be a particular treadmill in the long line of machines, that i step on to each day. Does anyone else do that? I get worryingly annoyed if there is anyone else using MY so called treadmill.
Pampered Princess: There is no doubt that Princesses the world over are treated to shed loads of gorgeous beauty treatments. I love a bit of beauty indulgence, so will spending a few hours doing just that. 
It appears that the beauty world has got quite excited about the royal festivities to be too. Unless you have been walking around with your eyes closed, you won’t fail to have noticed the sudden royal theme on the beauty shelves. Here is my little round up of products fit for a princess.  
Niffty Nails:
I don’t think i am going to get these done, but thought they were quite appropriate. Royal nails from Minx – awe cute or sick bucket? I guess if they are printed on just a single nail like the image below, its actually not so sickly. Still don’t think i’ll have the couple stamped on my talons.

However, these lovely little limited edition collections will go down well with OPI fans for sure. Dedicated to the royal lovers, three new nail collections have been launched ‘Cool Britannia’, ‘Red, White and Blue’ and ‘Royal Flush’. £28 each.

The Cool Britannia Collection

The Red White & Blue Collection
The Royal Flush Collection

Queens Quiff:
Tigi Catwalk’s Your Highness Royal Collection,  is a range of volumising products helping to create a whole line of do’s from punky quiffs to bouncy tresses. 

Majestic Moisturising:
Steam Cream Freedom & Discipline is a handy tin of multi purpose moisturiser with an oatmeal infusion, it comes in this sweet little union jack packaging. £10.50

Or maybe this Strawberry Body Butter from The Body Shop is more your thing, £12.50.

Pucker Up Prince:

Have to LOVE this delish looking tube of royally inspired lipgloss from the fabulous people at Butter London. ‘No More Wiaty, Katie’ (£15) is one of the products Butter have introduced to commemorate the wedding (there is also a nail polish), its actually their first ever lipgloss. HOWEVER it appears this gloss isn’t available in the UK – that totally doesn’t make any sense to me. Hellooo Butter? What’s that all about. I want one!!

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