Made In Chelsea BOY Shares His Make Up Tips

Made In Chelsea, if you didn’t tune in to this new E4 reality show based around the Sloane’s that hang out on London’s King’s Road, then no doubt you have heard about it at least. They say its the “posh version of The Only Way Is Essex“. Maybe it is. However, there is one thing you won’t catch Mark, Kirk, Arg and co. (bar Harry) doing – and that is dabbing on some concealer here, and some bronzer there, curling lashes and fretting about volumised hair*. Welcome to the world of Ollie Locke, the MIC man who doesn’t leave the house without a tan (ok, so he has that part in common with the TOWIE’s). 

To be honest, i haven’t ever heard a man outside of a hair salon talk about volume…unless its the sound type, so when Ollie was stressing to his gf about the fact that his long, luscious brown locks are in need of a boost, and his skin was looking less than pristine, i was slightly taken aback. I am more than aware that men like to dabble in a tad more grooming these days, and i’m so up for that. However, i’m not sure how i would feel about my boy battling me for the mirror each morning to apply HIS MAKE UP!!  
I think i prefer a dash of a roughness. I’d be ok with the tan and the moisturiser…not sold on the rest. Or am I just worried he will look better than me?!
Heres is a little E4 video i came across, Ollie’s make up tips for boys
*Apart from Joey Essex, and his obsession with poofed up ream hair.

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