Bare Minerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment: To Bed With Flawless Skin

The new Bare Minerals skincare range is growing on me. I had a bit of a tricky start with it, mostly due to using products that were not for my skin type – but because i have always loved BM make up, i persevered and tried a few more different products. And boy am i glad.

The Pure Transformation Night Treatment has got to to be a flippin fabulous invention (if you can call it that). Its groundbreaking, its different and i adore it. It has many qualities which i happily discuss below. However, i can’t hold back any longer without stating my favourite aspect, and the one thing that no other night treatment can give me – instantaneously flawless skin. YES its true – more about this later, but all i can say is, no more hiding from boyfriends when the make up comes off at night!! Whoop!!
Unlike your usual night treatments this little pot from Bare Minerals doesn’t contain a cream, a serum or even a liquid to apply before bed. No. It contains power, what else.
The idea behind this treatment, which is made of 100%  RareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex (a combined concoction of nutrients and minerals found in soil), is that while you sleep the treatment feeds your skin with mighty minerals essential to the look and health of your skin.

Well nothing novel about this, most night treatments claim the same, however, the difference here is the level of nutrients penetrating the skin is much higher, and more potent. With regular use, it aims to replenish skin for a smoother more even tone, along with reducing pores and increasing firmness. I have seen my skin change in texture over the last 2 months, pore sizes are visible reduced and overall my skin is smoother.
Applied to the skin in gentle circular motions with the buffing brush (which is neatly placed on the inside lid), the treatment goes on daily after nightcream. The powder has a soft texture, and the particles are tiny. The finish is smooth, with imperfections diffused. The tightly packed bristles, although super soft, do require a bit of getting used to. It’s a fairly large brush – as big as one cheek, and not the most flexible. It was the only negative, but i can deal with it.

Ok, so back to the instantly flawless skin. This night treatment is available in four shades; clear, light, medium and tan. I use the medium, and on application, imperfections are magnificently smoothed away. Its amazing, like wearing make up to bed AND it’s fabulous for your skin. I feel much more confident – flawless skin before bed and first thing in the morning. A girls dream come true.

applied to my inside wrist, can just about see the illuminating properties.

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