Worth A Try…

The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Dry Shimmering Oil.
I am a sucker for these shimmering oils and have been a devotee of the Nuxe version for years. To be perfectly honest, i haven’t been excited about much from The Body Shop since i was 15years old and formed and unhealthy addiction to their Vanilla Musk perfume (which i have thankfully overcome now). However, The Body Shop have done good with this oil, it gives a really lovely bronze colour with a hint of shimmer and no grease. The scent is however very (and i mean VERY) strong – you will either love or hate. It reminds me of a Jo Malone perfume i wore one holiday – so brought back fun memories for me.

There is infact an entire Honey Bronze make-up range also available at The Body Shop that is well worth checking out.

One thought on “Worth A Try…

  1. im going to the mall this weekend just to check these products out! i've been seeing them a lot lately and their bronzer oil is exactly the thing i've been looking for 😀

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