Style Scrutiny: Essex vs Chelsea

Love it, hate, watch it, avoid it….there is no denying that most of us will have an opinion. If you haven’t caught a glimpse of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ (TOWIE) or ‘Made In Chelsea’ (MIC) you have either been living in a cave or tried extremely hard to ‘miss’ it.

The endless conversations around how ‘real’ the TOWIE and MIC characters are will no doubt continue, but for me, there is one thing that stands out a mile – the very contrasting take on style, appearance and glamour.

The charming ladies from Essex wouldn’t be seen dead without those super long fake lashes, volumising hair extensions and a lethal tan, whereas the Chelsea girls are a little more understated in their grooming style. Their tans, if they have one come from a weekend in St Tropez, rather than a bottle of it. Hair has an effortless look, and although make up is most definitely worn, it’s just a touch more refined. 
I took some screen grabs from both programmes to show the visible difference in style and make up during their everyday activities. Its quite fascinating.

At work

MIC vs TOWIE: Millie working as a MUA and Amy at her beauty salon.
Millie wins

 At Lunch

MIC vs TOWIE: Rosie from MIC is out with friends for lunch as are Billie and Sam
Billie and Sam win
With Friends

MIC vs TOWIE: A lunch with friends (Caggie & Lucy)
Caggie wins. Lucy looks way to orange.

Looking lovely

MIC vs TOWIE: Millie dolled up for a date, and Lauren look rather glam while cleaning the kitchen
Draw – they both look nice (although i’d never bother to glam up to wash dishes)
I imagine this is what a MIC and TOWIE girl’s ‘must have’ list would read like:

On the whole, both the Chelsea and Essex clans practice glam, however their interpretation of it is utterly different. I do think there is one Chelsea lady who might actually feel quite at home in Essex…

…Gabby, looking rather TOWIE.

Gabby, out for some drinks the Chelsea way?

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