Festival Fever: Fashion and Face

Its festival time and that means dressing for the occasion!
Here are some of my beauty and style ideas to see your through those fun filled festival days:
Festival Face:
Max Factor Smokey Eye Effect Eyeshadows come in a Skittles assortment of colours. They are SO easy to apply and can be used to create endless looks. Add some black liner, and top it of with a sprinkling off gold glitter a la Lilly Allen for the ultimate festival face.

Nails Inc have a gorgeous limited edition collection of 6 vibrant summer shades (I Can Paint A Rainbow). My fave is ‘Summer Place’ – a lush yellow sorbet shade. Be a real festival queen by painting each nail in a different shade, as i have here

If you are at an overnight festival, it’s no excuse not to remove your make up. It won’t take long, so just do it! Olay Gentle Cleansing Wipes, remove festival dirt, grime and make up incl waterproof mascara. Easy.

Festival Fashion:
Sunglasses are a must, but don’t take your most expensive pair – you may never see them again. These Topshop Aviators £16, look good and are value for money.
I adore this yellow rain mac from ASOS, £50. So cute.
Festival Hair:
Batiste dry shampoo is a festival winner. I always use the one for brunettes, it works a treat. 
Flowers to decorate hair are a big trend at the moment. Add a few to szush up tresses. H&M have some gorge flower hair accessories. 
My festival hair style has GOT to be this (below). Its so simple. I took a small section of hair from the underneath by my ear, plaited it and then took it across my forehead. I pinned it with a rose accessory. Voila.

….Estee Lauder Stress Relief Eye Masks are perfect for the journey home. When you are feeling slightly worse for wear, pop them on your eyes and relax. You will feel fab by the time you get home!

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