My Sunshine Team

Temperatures in London were seriously cranked up yesterday, so much so that i almost wanted some rain! Anyway, I’m completely a ‘sun safe’ girl – some may say i take it to the extreme. Here is my ‘sunshine team’ of must haves to protect me from the blazing heat.
…oh and i think that rain i wanted, is literally about to tip down right now!

Piz Buin In Sun: Ultra Light Spray spf 50+: This has quickly been added to my faves list, mainly because i always go for a high factor sun cream and this one is so light and easy to apply. There is no stickiness or greasiness – which is normally the case with higher protection lotions. Admitedly the ‘spray’ part isn’t as good as some spray lotions, but i can live with that as the actual cream is really nice to use (£14.99)*

Piz Buin Self Tan: For legs: My legs always seem to be a touch paler than the rest of me, probably due to wearing opaque tights for 90% of the year. This is a perfect solution. I use the version for darker skins and achieved a lovely bronze colour. The can does take a bit of getting used to, the 360degree spray mechanism means it squirts out in quite an odd fashion, that said, it definitely does reach difficult places like the backs of thighs. I got dressed straight after using this, which is another plus point – no hanging around waiting for the solution to dry. Although the product says colour develops after 1hour, I saw a change a few hours later, and more so the next morning. (approx £8)

Kiehls Ultra Light Moisturiser 50+spf: I first used this broad spectrum UV protection last summer, and found it amazing. It can be worn as an addition to moisturiser. or alone as a moisturiser. Its light and quickly absorbs into the skin (perfect for oily skin). There is no thick greasiness which is a major off putter for me when it comes to face and body sun protection. Also, it is amazingly high in spf. (£26)

Gariner Ambre Solaire Kids Rapido Sun Protection High 50+: I know its for kids, but it doesn’t mean adults can’t use it. The light texture is non greasy, it sprays and spreads easily, its perfect on the go and really handy as a handbag must have. The fact it is a spray can means its not at all messy too (approx £16)

*Superdrug currently have an offer on Piz Buin products, so stock up!

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