Magnetic Nails Are Taking Off

Not an entirely new concept, but about to make a bit of a come back – Magnetic Nails. Quite a few large brands have ranges launching this summer. These make a nice alternative to plain nails, adding a slight twist without the design overload. The polishes below are from LCN, available in 8 shades at £8,65 each.

The technology in the polish works a bit like the old ‘iron filings’ i remember playing with in science class. Just in case you were interested (I found it quite fascinating), there is something in the polish that reacts with the magnet lifting up these patterns!

It’s simple to use, apply the polish, wave the shaped magnet over the top and you have some pretty interesting looking nails!

One thought on “Magnetic Nails Are Taking Off

  1. I have never heard of these but they sound amazing! they look as if they would be quite fun to play with! haha. i'll be keeping an eye out for these!Sam xx

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