An Instant Manicure with Nailease Strips

I have been fascinated with the new trend of stick on nails, not only because of their staying power (many claim 10 days without chipping) but also because they are easy to apply with not even a mili-second of drying time.
Minx are probably the most well know and the original instant manicure. However i recently tried out a cute little kit from Nailease – and so far am rather impressed.
The Nailease polish sticker strips are made from real nail varnish and also have a pre varnished top coat ensuring a glossy finish. The kit comes with 20 strips, a buffer and a cuticle stick.

I was a bit sceptical about applying the strips when i first saw them, i simply couldn’t imagine how the pre-cut stickers, which come in a variation of sizes would fit my nail bed comfortably.
I proceeded to try them out on my fingers, and surprisingly it literally took me only 10 minutes to do. It felt amazing that i didn’t have to sit like a statue, hands out in front of me, frightened to make a move in case of a disastrous bash and smudge. Nope, I could eat/ type/ text/ and unfortunately even do the washing right away. A-MA-ZING!

The trickiest part to applying the kit was actually lining up the strips with the cuticle. Once you have applied a couple, you get into the swing of it though.

Once on the nail,  i carefully used my thumb to push out the wrinkles and then filled off the excess sticker to tidy the edges. I had to practice caution here, as a dodgy move could cause a snag and ruin the top ends. I had a couple of tiny wrinkles remain on a few edges, nothing too noticeable and it be lack of experience that caused them. That’s it, voila – manicure done.

The finish look is exactly like glossy polish, not a fake plastic appearance as i imagined. The only thing i question is whether it is possible to get 10 days out of this manicure. Mine lasted just under a week before the edges started peeling away. So, in terms of longevity it was pretty similar to a normal manicure.
The simple fact that theses strips are SO easy to apply, and come in a variety of colours and designs would absolutely encourage me to use them again. They are perfect to take away on travels, or quicky brighten up a look.

Nailease instant manicures are available in 20 shades and trends including the French Mani – which i would love to try out too! £5.99 & £6.99 depending on the shade. Available at Harvey Nichols and Boots.

Please note, my trial of Nailease was with a PR sample.

One thought on “An Instant Manicure with Nailease Strips

  1. I love these nailease nail strips! I've just reviewed the animal print on my blog! Really want to try some more, so easy 🙂 Even the plain colours look amazing, i was a bit unsure if they'd look plastic like, but they look good :) xx

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