My Day Training In MINX Nails

This week has been a busy week for training. I wanted to update some of my beauty therapy skills, as its been a while since i tried out anything new. Working mobile, I generally stick to the popular treatments of waxing, lash tinting and nails. However, this week i trained in Sienna X Spray tanning (a post on that later) and MINX and Shellac nails.

Here is a quick lowdown on both:
Shellac: This is a hybrid gel polish, it has zero drying time and is cured under a UV lamp. The main benefits of Shellac (apart from drying time) is that it has a good 14 day life without chips, scratches, dents etc. Obviously this will depend  a lot on your lifestyle, if you are constantly gardening, washing up, bashing your nails then the polish may not last as long. Toes will probably go that full 2 weeks if not longer rather than fingers. There are currently 24 Shellac shades, but i’m sure it won’t be long before this collection grows
Shellac can also be used over gel nail enhancements.

Minx & Trendy: These are not a liquid lacquer application, nope, this new trend is made up of a sold film with a sticky back that applies to the nail. Both Minx and Trendy work the same way; the adhesive back is activated by either an infra-red lamp or a hairdryer. Minx and Trendy nails films can be used on fingers and toes, they come in some stunning metallic shades and funky patterns. Since they last approx 4 weeks on toes and 10 days on nails – they are perfect for holidays.

Minx has some really fun designs to try out

I found the Trendy films more difficult to work with compared to the Minx films. Trendy are thicker and so don’t stretch as well, making them less pliable. However my lovely tutor Bev ensured me that with experience, Trendy is just as good to use as Minx.
I was probably most excited about learning the Minx & Trendy applications, but actually Shellac was equally as interesting. Obviously, with the wide range of designs Minx offers, i think i will probably have a lot more fun with it. Minx has quite a popular celebrity following; Rhianna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga are just a few.

Here are the results of my training. For a first attempt i think they are quite good, but practice makes perfect, and then i will be out Minx-ing and Shellac-ing the planet. I will post up more designs as i continue to try these out on friends and clients.

Shellac in shade Hollywood Red


I used a metallic gold Trendy film on these toes
A fishnet Minx design 

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