Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

The story behind Ojon was what first drew me to the brand (i love a good story). It’s of one those incredible backstories that only a few experience. Turns out, the products are pretty fabulous too. I have used Ojon Haircare on and off for a few years, after first coming across it on QVC.

a small selection of Ojon products
The range is now somewhat wider and caters for a range of hair types. However, my must have item of the entire range is still the Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment. A delicious golden balm which melts in the palms and smells lusciously nutty. It is derived from the remote rainforest’s of Central America, where the Miskito People have been applying this ‘golden elixir’ to their hair skin for over 500 years.

100% natural, free from water and artificial colour, preservatives and silicones, this treatment has been a godsend for my often dry and damaged hair. Said to improve the condition of hair by 64% after just 1 use – i agree, this is not an exaggeration. My hair is instantly healthier in touch and appearance.

I use my tub of gold in various ways; as an overnight treatment combed in with a little wooden comb supplied, a quick 10 min conditioner at the gym, a tiny weeny amount to calm down frizzy hair days or rubbed into the ends when they are looking a bit rough. I also quite happily moisturise drier parts of my body with this treatment too; elbows and knees.

The range is stocked at QVC and John Lewis. £40 for a 150ml tub this baby isn’t cheap…but it IS incredible and addictive.

5 thoughts on “Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

  1. i really like it. It's made a huge difference to my hair. Its a bit pricey for me considering i don't spend much on my haircare, but well worth the investment. Hope to see your pix and post up soon x

  2. I got everything in the Damage Reverse range, apart from this hair mask treatment. But I will definitely look into it. Look forward to reading another review from you.PS I found your blog on the Ojon website 🙂

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