What Is BB Cream? (No Big Brother has not launched cosmetics)

BB Cream. What is it? Why are beauty editors raving about it? Why is it the biggest selling beauty product in Korea?
Heres the lowdown!
BB Cream (the initials stand for Blemish Balm) is set to be the new generation of make-up/ skin care. Its a moisturiser, primer, foundation sun protection, concealer and skin smoother all in one! Believe it. That IS what it is.

Apparently, originating from Germany, where a dermatologist created an ointment for her skin-peel patients, this cream was said to soothe and protect skin whilst also moisturising. Today the commercialised version of this is ‘BB Cream’ and its a phenomenon in Korea. Way ahead of us in the skincare technology stakes, the Asian make up buying market pretty much swear by these creams.
Giving a flawless natural finish in a single application, covering redness and pores, smoothing out skin while injecting a feed of hydration, plus some additional benefits including anti ageing and brightening properties, the BB Cream trashes the need for separate tubes/ bottles and jars of beautifying products. Is this the ‘all in one’ make up item we have been dreaming about?
Now, slowly making it over to the UK, a few brands are getting set to launch their own BB Creams. So far, i haven’t tried any so cannot say how ‘great’ they actually are. However, i do aim to shop one soon. I am curious as to how this product, which sounds like an absolute miracle, fairs with my constantly changing and sometimes troublesome skin. Can 1 cream fix ALL my problems? Watch this space for BB Cream updates.

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Light £9.99

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream £19

Estee Lauder Cyber White Brilliant Cells BB Cream £26

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