Winning Wednesday: Sure Deodorant Giveaway

Ok, so its Thursday and i am a day late with this, but a freebie is a freebie and here is another chance to bag one!
Beautygeeek has team up with the lovely people at Sure to help give you 48 hour protection from wetness and odour. Just what you need on sweaty days in the city, or more likely when you are sprinting for cover as the rain pours down in gallons!

To WIN one of 3 Sure Motionsense™ Systems containing 2 aerosols and 2 roll-ons (worth £11) of the Cool Pink and Cotton Fresh variety, simply leave your name and contact email in the comments box. It actually couldn’t get much easier.

The Motionsense System is designed to respond to your body’s movements and releases little bursts of freshness throughout the day. Now there’s no need to run to the loo clutching a can of deodorant after  the office hottie has just walked by.

Closing Date: 25th August 2011

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