Epic Bronzer Fail: Jemma Kidd Perfect Tan Bronzing Trio

I’m not sure why or how, but somehow I managed to purchase yet another bronzer, the second in the space of two days (is there bronzer rehab out there!?). Adding to my bronze mountain is the Perfect Tan Bronzing Trio by Jemma Kidd. Lets start with the positive points. I like the black and pink packaging. Its subtle but looks pro. Other than that, this bronzer gets a fail, i don’t like it.

I think the reason i brought Perfect Tan was because i do really rate a lot of the Jemma Kidd range, so thought this would be a good buy. I was wrong.
Although it is a trio of 3 shades to sculpt and bronze with, it just looks far too orange once applied. It is also very sparkly, and to top it off it wouldn’t take to my skin without dipping into the compact about 3 times.

Sparkle city

These issues might be due to my olive skin tone, and possibley it might work better against fairer skin. Whatever it is, this bronzer is heading to the bottom of my ever-growing bronzer collection.

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