Girl Band Parade Reveal Their Beauty Secrets

Chatting beauty and makeup to pop stars? I’m sure i used to dream about that as a teenager!

I recently had the opportunity to indulge in beauty talk with the gorgeous ladies from new girl band Parade, who are promoting the launch of Clean & Clear’s Morning Energy range.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect of this new pop outfit, if i am totally honest, i have slightly fallen off the pop music radar. So, although i knew Parade existed, i probably wouldn’t have been able to tell you much about them. However, that is the beauty of google. Armed with much research, i met up with them at a trendy little Hoxton bar, where they were later performing a gig for their fans.

I introduced myself to five charming ladies, fresh from their return at V Festival at the weekend (i thank google for this info). Emily, Lauren, Bianca, Sian and Jessica are on top form. Each with her individual style perfectly executed, from girly and chic to colourful and fun, what’s instantly apparent (and contagious) is their cheery, carefree and spirited attitudes. I watch as they settle on a comfy sofa, and excitedly ponder what to order from the bar menu. Then as they await the arrival of their chips and margarita’s, i tuck into my list of questions.
Sian hastily interrupts. Dressed on trend in red high waisted denim hot pants teamed with a blue leotard underneath, she points out that there’s a good reason why her shorts are unbuttoned. I hadn’t actually noticed, but understood her need to explain “…it gets uncomfortable sometimes when you have high waisted clothes on.”
It’s ok Sian, we won’t judge you! So back to the beauty.
What are your beauty addictions?
Instantly, and in unison the ladies shout “Vaseline”.
Jessica: “It’s really nice on dry lips, but also on cheeks or anywhere”
Sian: “I love the Rose version. It’s sooo nice.”
Bianca: “We have to have face wipes too. We wear so much make up, and are super conscious that we get it all off. We always have face wipes in the car.”

Your biggest beauty disasters?
Emily: “It has to be on a night out when i pull out my lip gloss for a top up and then realise i am applying mascara. That’s bad!!” Yep, that’s a disaster alright!
Jessica: “…oh and fake tan. When you put the tan on before bed, then wake up in the morning with orange palms urggh its a nightmare, and i’ve done that so many times!”
Bianca: “What about when you are wearing false lashes, and having a conversation with someone without realising half of one lash is hanging off your eye – that’s pretty embarrassing!”
Seeing as your new single is named ‘Perfume’, i have to ask – what is your favourite?
Emily: “I know, Viva La Juicy, its sweet. I really like it”
Lauren: “Stella McCartney!”
Bianca: “Pleasures by Estee Lauder, I love all the mumsey perfumes!”
Sian: “I adore Marc Jacobs’ Daisy, and we all really like the Daisy body moisturiser too, it has a bit of shimmer in it.”
Jessica: “It’s definitely Bvlgari Omnia, I’m not good at pronouncing it, but i love wearing it. The bottle looks like a silver clasp.”

At this point i catch sight of Bianca’s multi-coloured nails, all with little faces painted on – so cute, i have to snap!

Cute nails. Love the ring too!

 Leading on to my next question
If you had a nail polish made in your honour, what would it look like and be called?
Emily: “I really like textures, so i’d probably go for a marble effect polish.”
Lauren: “Matte nail varnish. Black matte polish would be my choice.”
Bianca: “Ooo I’d have something crazy, like UV glow in the dark yellow polish which is really clubby and good to wear on a fun night out. It would have to be called Sparkling Sunshine
Sian: I’d love my polish to paint multi-coloured straight out of the bottle, a bit like those striped tooth pastes you get. I’d have to call it Rainbow Chic…or Roxy Rainbow.”
Jessica: “I’d just have a bright shiny red. A classic red that doesn’t go dull.” I think Shellac might be the answer to your prayers Jess!
What skincare products do you use? 
Jessica & Sian: “We use the Clean & Clear Brightening Face Moisturiser, its really nice and light and has a bit of an illuminating sheen to it
Bianca: “I have quite sensitive skin, the Energising Face Scrub by Clean & Clear works for me.”
Lauren: “I use a french brand called Bioderma, but i can’t always get it in the UK so i also love the Morning Energy Face Wash…”
Emily: “Yeh its got these bubbles in it that are really refreshing!”
Who are your beauty icons?
Jessica: “Kim Kardashian! she always looks pristine. In fact i like all the Kardashian sisters.”
Lauren: “Drew Barrymore, she has a real effortless style.”
Bianca: “I’m really into the old Blondie look, she had a cool and chilled out way about her.”
Sian: “I really love Rhianna.”
Emily: “The Olsen Twins, i really like their look.”

Finally, can you all give me your favourite pose…

L-R: Emily, Lauren, Bianca, Sian, Jessica

You can find out more about Parade at their official website here and there is more info on the new Clean & Clear Morning Energy range here.

Parade have got together with Clean & Clear to launch Morning Energy – a daily cleansing range which is enriched with gently bursting beads and fruit extracts to remove dirt, oil and impurities for beautifully smooth, clear skin.

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