The Louboutin Manicure

I never let my nails grow very long, its just not practical for me and i actually like them a shortish length. However, will this change my mind?! I recently came across this picture, its a few years old but it made me wish for loooong nails.

I’m not sure if Louboutin nails took off a few years back when they were first seen, but if i had the nails right now, i’d be all over this little trend. The underside of the nail is painted red to reflect the famous Louboutin shoe sole, and the outside is painted black, or another colour. Looks gorgeous i think.

My nails just aren’t long enough, and to prove how this manicure ‘doesn’t‘ work on short nails, i gave it a go. Big Fat Fail.

You can just about see the red polish.
I need another few inches to get this look nailed.
I used Beige Style (365) from Rimmel as the colour for the outside nail.

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