Do Celebs Love Morphing?

As a child, I used to hate it when friends/ family/ teachers would compare me to my older sisters. ‘I am ME, not them’ i would scream back! I know this is a whole other level, but i wonder if celebrities feel similarly when the press compare them to each other?
Oh well, i’m going to do some celeb comparing anyway. It may be frustrating for them, it may be another one of ‘those things’ that comes with being in the public eye, but i truly think some of these well know peeps do it on purpose? Maybe it’s their way of showing love and admiration…or getting in on some extra publicity! 
Here are a couple of examples of celebrity morphing.
Exhibit 1: Victoria Beckham vs Katie Holmes
We all know VB had that bob/pob hair first.
Left – Katie in an ad campaign for Miu Miu
Right: Victoria in an ad campaign for Armarni.
Seriously, they look the same!
Exhibit 2: Victoria Beckham (again) vs Cheryl Cole
These were the days when Cheryl was trying to make a better name for herself, hanging with VB was obviously her way to do it.
Chezza does look pretty good tho.
Exhibit 3: Cheryl Cole vs Tulisa Contostavlos
This was most definitely done one purpose for the sake of X Factor. Tulisa’s stylist has turned her into Cheryl.
Same dress, same hair…same face!
It’s too much. I have to stop.

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