I Thank You: Clinique CX Neck & Chest De-Ageing Cream

I faced a life changing moment a few weeks ago – ok that is slightly dramatic, but it definitely felt that way.

I jumped out of bed (as usual), headed straight to the mirror (as usual) and to my absolute heart wrenching horror, i discovered smirking back at me a long, vertical, looong (did i say that?) crease running from my chest all the way up to my neck. I felt my heart sink, further inspection revealed a cluster of horizontal lines across the front of my neck. I had read about this. Lines that instantly age. I thought i was too young, i thought i had good genes (my mom looks amaze), i guess not. As i applied lashings of moisturiser to said offenders, hoping to banish them, i realised i needed to step it up in the cosmetics department otherwise the road ahead was gloomy.
The Solution:
This has been my first ‘neck wrinkle’ beating investment:

Clinique’s CX Neck & Chest De-Aging Cream. The name of this product gave me instant hope!
This is a rich cream which is applied both day and night. It is said to hydrate, rebuild natural collagen and improve elasticity as quickly as 4 weeks. The little silver tub contains a concoction of ingredients to help maintain smoother skin. Here is the science:
• Whey Protein increases skin’s natural production of collagen to help firm and minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
• Cholesterol Potassium Sulfate, Barley Extract, Wheat Germ Extract and Squalane, a combination of skin friendly lipids, help repair and moisturise the skin
• Acetyl Glucosamine helps restore radiance.
• Vitamin C, E, and Green Tea Extract are antioxidants that protect and help prevent future ageing damage.
The Verdict:
Over the following weeks i used this cream religiously. And YES, it did help. Right away my neck skin looked healthier which i think was down to the intense re hydration. Although i still have lines, they don’t look as bad or as noticeable, and my skin is most definitely smoother. I am hoping that with continued use, i will see further improvements, and hopefully avoid wrinkles and lines in the neck and chest area for as long as possible
The Cost:
This is an expensive treatment, £73 per 50ml pot is a heck of a lot of money, and many of us would have to think twice before spending. The way i justified my purchase was, for the cost of staying home one or two nights of the week, i could potentially have a less liney neck and chest – which quite frankly is far more important to me at the moment than a night at Faces!

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