LFW: Me Backstage At Bernard Chandran SS12

I’ve been lucky enough to work on a few London Fashion Week S/S12 shows. Here is a round up of my first show, Bernard Chandran. His collection was 1950’s inspired, the colours were muted neutrals with the odd splash of green and turquoise. This was completely reflected backstage with makeup and nails. It was a great show to work on, the pace was fast and furious, and the result was slick.

Hair by L’Oreal was sleek with lots of extensions.

The look was high gloss skin, airbrushed for a perfect finish with nude lips. The MAC girls created a really high density colour which popped against the model’s dark skin. The eyes were the centrepiece for this look, a geometry style liner in a bold turquoise blue which struck out in to a wing.

The brief was to create ‘nice sweet girl’ nails. We used two OPI shades, Tickle My France-Y and DS Glow. The nude Tickle My France-Y covered the entire nail bed while the golden DS Glow kissed the tip at an angle. I will be posting a piece on how to create the look soon.

a gold angle on one edge of the nail gave this nude look a little twist
OPI Tickle My France-Y and DS Glow

The Show

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