Origins Plantscription Anti Aging Serum

It was with military precision that my mom used to enforce a twice daily cleanse, tone and moisturise ritual on my teenage skin, i thank her for it, but have moved on as the mighty skincare universe has definitely changed since then. Now, my absolute skincare must have is a hard working serum. I won’t be without one under my moisturiser, and I generally tend to have a different one for day and night.

I have a fair few issues with my skin, from monthly breakouts and open pores, random dullness and dehydration to slight sun damage and the first signs of ageing….wow, sounds awful, could it be worse? I want it all fixed, and want it fixed now!
My most recent serum love has been the Origins Plantscription Anti Aging Serum which i have been using day and night under my usual moisturiser. A product bursting with only natural ingredients’, it is said to have 90% of the wrinkle reducing benefits as non natural alternatives with none of the possible side effects.
For a start, it smells amazing, the essential oils literally blast through as i pump out the treatment. The serum is calming on my sometimes tight skin, it glides on effortlessly and instantly soothes and brightens. A lot of serums i have used previously have had quite a watery consistency, this one is different, its thicker but still light and easily absorbed.
The key ingredient in the Plantscription Anti Aging Serum is a plant extract called Siiga from the sacred ‘Anogeissus‘ tree. Found in the Republic of Ghana, this tree is know to have powerful benefits in the battle against ageing skin, even being hailed as the ‘natual’ retinoid – whoop to the ‘Anogeissus’ tree. Trials revealed that after just four weeks, 51% of testers noticed a reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
Over the weeks i have been using this serum, i have seen my skin go from dull to much perkier looking, it’s also firmer to touch and healthier overall in appearance. Although pores have not disappeared, they have slightly diminished. However, I have yet to see a change in the fine lines, but believe i need to give it more time. I’m going to stick with this serum as i really like the effect it has had so far. I also love that Plantscription is a natural product but still manages to work as hard as many of the standard anti aging formulas out there. It somehow makes me feel like i am doing something good for my skin. It’s a great choice for green beauty lovers as well as those who find many general skincare ranges too harsh or irritating on their skin. Thumbs up from me!

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