Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish

Admittedly when the whole concept of magnetic nail polish first emerged, i was a bit ‘whatever’ about it. However, Nails Inc. may have changed my mind.
Earlier in the week i had a ‘magnetic manicure‘ using two of the three Nails Inc magnetic polishes. Here are the results.

My magnetic nails. Houses of Parliament with
Trafalgar Sq on the index finger

A fellow magnetic mani using Trafalgar Sq

They look awesome. I love the effect and i noticed the end result was different on most of the girls having the same manicure. Apart from the actual magnetic effect, i love the high gloss finish, they make my nails look as though they are in much better condition than they actually are. Application is the same as all nail polishes, apart from, after the second coat you just hold a magnet over the wet polish (the magnet is attached to the bottle cap). I was assured it was simple to do!

Trafalgar Square (deep metal silver), Houses of Parliament (dark aubergine) and Big Ben (gold) are huge sellers, so if you are tempted then the online Nails Inc store might be the best place to find them, £1 of each purchase is donated to the Princes Trust.

3 thoughts on “Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish

  1. Have you tried the 17 versions yet? I actually think they're a little better quality. But they don't do a gold version like nails inc (boo!) Gorgeous blog by the way!

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