Winning Wednesday: Dove Indulgent Nourishment Shea Body Lotion

I really don’t understand why some people simply shower, get dressed and…that’s it! I just can’t do it. I HAVE to moisturise my skin. Taking care of your skin surely doesn’t stop at the end of your chin. What about the rest? Even when i am low on time or in a rush, i can’t skip the moisturiser. Some days this extra five mins of massaging a creamy lotion into my skin might even mean i miss my train and am late for work (*roll of the eyes from the boss*), but nothing is coming between me and my body cream.
I generally tend to look for creamy textured product which doesn’t leave behind a film of grease. It has to smell yummy of course, and spread easily. Although i have my faves, i love to try new potentials to add to the list, especially as technology is constantly developing. Its a bit like dating really!

My latest ‘date’ has been with the new Dove Indulgent Nourishment Shea Body Lotion, just a bit of a mouthful to say, but an absolute delight to use. The first thing i noticed about this lotion was the smell, its sweeter than the usual Dove body creams but not at all overpowering, so you won’t smell like a chocolate cake shop.
The light texture sunk right into my skin and instantly moisturised. I have very dry elbows which i find difficult to deal with especially in the winter. So far they have been kept from flaking (sorry if that’s TMI) so am putting this down to using DINSBL (its too long to re-type). I loved that the formula isn’t sticky and i could pretty much get dressed straight after applying the product without any stains on my clothes. I think this has to be my favourite Dove body cream in terms of results, but i do still like the original Dove smell.

The lovely people at Dove would like you to experience Dove Indulgent Nourishment Shea Body Lotion. Simply leave your name and contact email in the comments box below. If you fancy it, it would be lovely if you could also pop over and ‘like’ my facebook page HERE
Good luck ♥

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