Dr Murad: Hybrids Makeup Range

Dr Murad have introduced a small range of makeup products to compliment it’s vast skincare collection. The Hybrids range aims to deliver flawless skin not only as a makeup product, but also by providing deeper skin boosting ingredients.

I am already a fan of the ‘Eye Lift Perfectors’ which increase skin firmness by 50% in 15 mins, and take away the tired ‘haven’t slept enough’ dark cirlcles using a neutralizing violet formula. Application is a bit hit and miss, i’d prefer a brush tip as opposed to the current angled pen end. However, my eyes were instantly brightened so i was happy!

Hybrids – Eyelift Perfector

Hybrids – Eyelift Illuminator

 The Skin Perfecting Primers come in two finishes, Dewy or Matte. They can be used alone or under foundation, helping to give a flawless, smooth look to skin. The technology in the products smooth away pores, provide an even complexion and balance oil production. The primers also adjusts to the colour of your individual skin tone, hence why there is only one shade available. The ‘matte’ version also keeps shine and oil at bay throughout the day.

Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy

Skin Perfecting Primer Matte

I have been using the Skin Perfecting Primer Matte for a few weeks now, and so far am quite impressed. It’s a very light formular which sinks quickly into skin. Although it visibily covers pores and smaller blemishes, its still not enough coverage for me, so i use a small amount of my normal foundation over it. Using the product this way does help give a much more even finish, and love that my pores are less visible.

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