Nanoblur – 10 Years Younger in 40 Seconds

Yes, exactly that! Ten yours off your face in less than a minute. There has been some serious excitement around this product over the past few weeks. Could it actually be possible to look a decade younger without the help of Channel 4 and a line of cosmetic procedures?
With a birthday celebration, a date and a family gathering all planned for the weekend, this was the perfect opportunity to try out Nanoblur. I had read some very positive reviews, so was hoping to look seriously youthful…

The first thing i did with this cream was test is on the back of my hand – as you do! It became instantly apparent why Nanoblur is flying off the beauty shelves at 1 every 10 seconds. In just moments, any tiny lines, imperfections or blemishes on my hand were blurred, and i mean actually BLURRED. To me, it seemed like someone had taken the ‘blur’ tool from Photoshop and rubbed it over my hand.

this image has NOT been manipulated
using any retouching programme

Nanoblur has been created by Indeed Labs, originally formulated to help celebs hide skin imperfections that show up under the new HD camera technology. Fascinated at the results, I tried to get my head around how this cream actually works, but was thrown off track with terms like ‘micro prisms’ and optical prism technology’. I will need to read about this more, but in the meantime this little tube of magic is going to be a godsend for many of us.

There are a few ways to apply this cream, and each is very specific:
1. Using without makeup: Apply at the end of your skincare routine, ie after moisturiser
2. Using with liquid foundation: Apply AFTER foundation. Bronzer and blush can then go over this
3. Using with powder/ mineral foundation: Apply BEFORE powder foundation

I used Nanoblur over my usual liquid foundation (Jemma Kidd). I was very hesitant about putting it on this way, particularly because i love the dewy finish i get from my foundation. On application, my skin felt tighter, it started off looking matt but then got it’s dewiness back. Although i don’t have masses of wrinkles, i do have open pores and uneven tone, these were diminished within a minute. As a result, I looked fresher and very well rested – which is part of that youthful appearance.
The result achieved with this cream really does depend on the state of your skin to start with. Basically, the worse it is, the bigger the difference you will see.
This is a mighty big statement, but Nanoblur really is a MUST have beauty product. It wont be long before the boys get in on using this stuff too!

The only thing to remember with this cream is that it is an instant fix, it doesn’t replace your SPF or your anti ageing moisturiser. Instead it is the icing on your face type thing, it gives you the look you desire whilst you skincare routine continues to work.

Nanoblur is available exclusively from Boots, and worth every penny of the £19.99 it retails at.

*My tube of Nanoblur was a PR sample

3 thoughts on “Nanoblur – 10 Years Younger in 40 Seconds

  1. I tried this out recently and have to say it IS a great product. But as well as being useful for women it's a great product for men too, especially as it doesn't contain any glittery particles. Because it leaves a matt finish it's good for oily skin too!

  2. @nina defo try it! x@ The Grooming Guru – i'm not surprised that as a guy you also like it. Its one of those must haves men and women NEED, a bit like lip balm! Good point about the matte finish being an attraction for guys. I might get some males to try my tube and see what they think x

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