Claire’s Nail Accessories

Claire’s Accessories have recently launched some new nail art goodies. Nails foils, polishes and even crackle. This affordable range is perfect for young girls who want to experiment with the latest nail trends, or if you just fancy trying something fun for a night out – prices start at £4.

I tried out these ‘Bling Nail Foils‘. I quite liked the fact that the gold gems were placed on a transparent background, so could be used in a few different ways.

All the foils were cut pretty much to prefect size, they just needed trimming at the top as i keep my nails very short. I was impressed with the finished look, they didn’t look too bling when on. I painted my ring finger with OPI’s William Tell Me About OPI, then placed a foil over it for a slightly different effect.  Looks good.

The nail foils come with a sticky back, so should stay secure on the nail. The instructions mentioned brushing a layer of topcoat over the top once all the foils are in place for longer wear. Unfortunately, my blinging nails began to peel off the next day, which is a shame as i quite liked them. I think the way to make them wear for longer is to brush on a tiny amount of nail glue before securing onto the nail.
Overall, the collection has some very fun designs, really affordable and super easy to use. I’d say these are fab for a single occasion, but if you want them to last longer then nail glue is highly recommended.
The ‘Bling Nail Foil’ retails at £5.50

*This product was a PR sample

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