Ojon Colour Sustain Protecting Cream

I’m a die hard hair dyer. Problem is, it tends to leave my hair needing a lot more care or it turns into a ball of dry frizz. Ojon have a new line of colour protecting products ‘Colour Sustain’ which help to combat the problems coloured hair faces. Apart from the Shampoo and Conditioner, the range also includes a protective hair cream – Ojon Colour Sustain Protecting Cream, which helps nourish and protect the hair and keep the colour looking vibrant. It contains hair gold ‘Ojon oil’ along with Tahitian monoi and Sunflower oil.

I am always a little bit sceptical about hair products that promise me glossy hair because the only time i have said gloss is when i walk out of a hair salon! However, i was quite intrigued by this product because of something i saw at the launch event for it.
Left: Colour Swab in oil, Right: Colour Swab in water
One bowl contains a swab of red dye (food colouring actually) in water (right), the other bowl has a swab in oil (left). The dye swab in water has clearly run and therefore faded, whereas the swab in the oil is still in tact (very science-y), but this simple experiment got me excited, and i have been using Colour Sustain ever since.
The product has a lovely ultra light formula, not at all greasy and you only need a small blob which is applied to damp hair. I’ve seen a definite improvement to the condition of my hair, it’s silkier, more manageable and easier to style (although the ends are beyond help). Not only does my colour look healthier and my hair glossier but it also smells delicious. The cream has a spicy-ish scent, it makes my hair smell like Christmas. I’m a big fan of the Ojon Restorative Treatment already, and was glad this lil baby didn’t let me down.

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