Handpicked Media Gets Social: Blogging Gold

I’ve had my blog for over 2 years now. I absolutely LOVE writing it, in fact i wish it was my actual job. I love my blog so much that i want everyone to be able to read it, know about it and love it as much as i do. That’s why i attended the Handpicked Media Gets Social event earlier this week and got on some serious blogging swagger. It was a place for the blogging community to get together to learn, share and make what they do into something more amazing.

The Handpicked team had a great line up of speakers who not only shared their experience and success but were genuinely keen to see their audience succeed. I found this encouragement really touching, its so nice to know people want to help. Some of my favourite speakers were Gary from Why Communicate, his techy SEO talk on ensuring blogs are ‘out there’ and reaching their greatest audience had me manically scribbling down notes. I also really loved Jane from British Beauty Blogger, herself a blogger she spoke about some of the challenges beauty bloggers and beauty PR’s face (and was also wearing a very lovely top!).

The fashion and beauty panel who took questions from the audience were all delightfully inspiring too. Bloggers and magazine editors who had followed their passion to become respected and brilliant at what they do. Some of the bloggers on the panel included; Fleur de Force, Coco’s Tea Party, The Beauty Button, A Beauty Junkie In London, The Grooming Guru (who was too funny for words), and For The Young Dude.
It was a great way to finish a super day.

Here are some key points from my fave speakers of the day:
Gary @whycommunicate

  • Understand where your readers are coming from, the searches that bring them to your site and where they go from there.
  • Use compelling content and post frequently. The more often you post, the more likely you are to come up in web searches. More content = more visitors.
  • Images are a great source of traffic. People use google images all the time and can find their way to your blog like this. Make sure you optimise your images by naming them rather than keeping the ‘img’ title.
  • Get blog post titles right and make them compelling – this can increase click through by 72%
  • Include RSS feeds and social media buttons on your site
  • Engage with your readers and the blogging community
  • and the most important tip gary had was include meta data. Tag your posts and blog well and this will help in searches.

Jane @britbeautyblogger

  • Don’t be a blogging diva. You will just get erased from PR databases
  • Beauty blogging isn’t about free samples, don’t expect them as PR’s don’t always have endless supplies
  • If you do sponsored posts then make it clear
  • There is nothing wrong in earning some money form your blog if you can
  • There are ways of saying things, even negative things. If you have something negative to say about a product, also try and seek out the good points (if there are any)

The overall message i got from Jane was to blog with integrity and have respect for PRs and vice versa. It was great getting advice from a blogger i really admire.

Gary has kindly posted his presentation on Slideshow, you can download it here .

Thanks so much to the wonderful Handpicked team Krista, Debbie and Dil (and anyone else i didn’t meet from Handpicked). It was an amazing day and i look forward to the next.

7 thoughts on “Handpicked Media Gets Social: Blogging Gold

  1. I would have loved to have gone to this! Glad you had a good time and found it useful. Might try and go to the next event if they decide to organise another one.V xmakeupandthensome.blogspot.com

  2. Wish I went. this seems so useful. I started my blog because most of my friends are boys or not into makeup. so its my way to spread the beauty love to other like minded poeple. great tips.im going to change all the image tags now!

  3. Yes – thank you for coming along and we are SO glad you enjoyed it. Planning next one for next year so please register your interest if you'd like to know more…. without you guys it wouldn't have happened so we appreciate all the support we have had.Debbie from Handpicked

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