Nivea Launches Personalised Christmas Gifts

I’m loving Nivea’s Personalised Gift Wrapping Service. It is just too sweet. In fact i want someone to do it for me! I’m putting it out there to my friends, I’d like this for Christmas!

Nivea have launched an amazingly cute Personalised Christmas Gift Wrapping service via Facebook. Basically, you can order a delightful Nivea Christmas gift pack for your bestie on the Nivea Facebook page.
The gifts you can choose include; An Ultimate Girly Gift, A Handy Little Gift, A Pucker Present and a Lip-Smacking Stocking Filler. Once you have chosen your pressie, it will be wrapped in customised paper. Customised…how? Well, Facebook gathers a selection of photos and comments you and your buddy are tagged in, there is probably some techy magic involved at this point and then voila –  gorgeous, personalised wrapping paper is created. You even have two different designs to choose from; snowflake or bauble.
What a fab idea! I love personalised gifts, it makes me feel so special!
In case my over excited-ness has caused me to do a bad job of explaining what you can expect, take a look at the two examples i created using two of my facebook lovlies.

Gifts range from £6 – £13. You can order them here

One thought on “Nivea Launches Personalised Christmas Gifts

  1. Hello,You have created a very good site!It can use the app to buy and send a friend a nivea gift set, which will be wrapped in personalised wrapping paper featuring photos they have both been tagged in on facebook.There are many different avenues. Thanks a lot…

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