TOWIE "That Lauren Is A Bit Stroppy" Cast At Our Christmas Party

The Only Way Is Essex lot have amazing PR behind them. They seem to be everywhere at the moment; magazine covers, launching products and brands, personal appearances, and a Christmas single (which they probably shouldn’t have attempted). It doesn’t stop there, a few of the cast even turned up to my work Christmas Party. Paps, slap, boobs, the highest stilettos and some diva attitudes (Ah-hem Lauren Goodger) in tow.

There was a fair bit of Essex dressing going on that night along with some very orange bodies and XXL lashes. I couldn’t face wearing a bodycon, so mixed up the Essex look with a bit of skull cool.
Yes those chests were pretty intimidating!
It was a fun night, there was lots to keep us entertained – a Photobooth, Vajazle Yourself area and lots of dancing!
I vajazzled up my nails with TOWIE slogans for the occasion!
Attempting to do ‘Essex’ in the photobooth

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