bareMinerals Launch Revolutionary Ad For 2012

bareMinerals have taken a revolutionary step in beauty advertising. Next month they launch an ad campaign which was cast ‘blind’, meaning the models were not seen by those interviewing them, instead they were selected purely on their personality . This story has really grabbed my attention. Its something that hasn’t been done before and is such an inspiring move for the beauty advertising industry.

The Be A Force Of Beauty campaign is bareMinerals’ first ad, it continues to work in line with the brand’s belief that ‘Pretty Is Not Enough’.

271 candidates were whittled down to 78, and the final 5 models were then chosen – all by BM staff who judged the models and actresses on personality ,and how they came across in interviews (done behind screens).

The five ladies chosen to represent the campaign are: Melanie, Lauren, Darlene, Andrea, Keri.

This is certainly an important and historical move. The ad industry has idolised a specific looking model for far too long, and its nice to see brands are taking the initiative to make a change and present to the world more of what we see in real life. Even though the initial castin call went out to all models and aspiring actresses, its good to know the final choices were dependent on more than external beauty.

You can see more about the campaign here which will go live in February.

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