I’m Hearting Vaseline Intensive Aloe Fresh Body Lotion

It’s cold out there, freezing in fact. It’s probably snowing too (or is about to), which can only mean one thing – skin is feeling dry and dehydrated, and in need of some extra TLC.

I’ve recently been trying out Vaseline Essential Moisture Aloe Fresh Body Lotion, it is from Vaseline’s ‘Essential Moisture’ range, which also includes an Oat Extract, and Coco Butter Extract formula too.

I have to say, i am pretty impressed with the Aloe Fresh version. Firstly, it smells lovely, (ladies, we all know picky we can be about smells), Aloe Fresh has a very clean and soothing scent – the type of smell you WANT to wear after a shower. I normally go for sweet-scented creams, but Vaseline have switched me with this.

I’m finding my dry skin is feeling much better, looking healthier with less flaky patches. I even wake up in the mornings and am impressed with how silky my skin feels.

The formulation is not at all greasy, it’s light and absorbs straight into skin, meaning you can get dressed without any excess residue staining clothes – perfect for me because i’m always running late in the mornings.

The 200ml bottle might take a while to get through, but i am keen to try out the other versions too, particularly the Oat Extract.

Have you tried anything from the Vaseline Essential Moisture range, what do you think of them?

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