LFW AW12: Backstage Makeup and Nails At PPQ

London Fashion Week is upon us, and appears bigger, better and bolder than ever before. I have been amazingly lucky to work backstage doing nails on a few shows – my first show was yesterday for the very cool PPQ.

PPQ: Makeup by Katie Jane Hughes using FashionistA

I was assisting the mega amazing MUA and Manicurist Katie Jane Hughes (check out her makeup and nail work here if you haven’t already), she was heading the entire makeup and nails team and created the final look for both – which were stunning.

I felt totes privileged to be on Katie’s team and work with such a pro! Katie used FashionistA makeup and nail  polish to create the final runway look.

The makeup style reflected the Hollywood romance of the PPQ collection. A very strong red lip and a bold arched brow all against a bare complexion. The models looked very striking, and a few of them sported a cute little black heart, created from FashionistA liquid liner on the cheekbone.

The nails which were designed for the PPQ show were the cutest ever – no seriously. The CUTEST EVER! No doubt we will all be re-creating these for ourselves very soon, i most definitely want some!

Nails were a painted in gold glitter and shaped with a rounded pointy tip, this tip bore a gorgeous, perfectly formed black heart. Slightly time consuming but so so worth it and obviously super sweet. Watch out for a ‘Get the PPQ Nails’ post soon!

Apart from the awesome makeup, nails and collection, how fab are these PPQ bikes which accompanied the models along the runway. LOVE.

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