Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll On Kit: Hair Free With A Pro Finish

If you have ever bought those waste of time at home wax strips, only to then cry at the fact you wasted your hard earned cash on a strip of sticky goo that would be better put to use catching flies than removing hair, then breathe a sigh of relief, and say Amen to this baby.


Veet’s Easy Wax Electrical Roll On Kit, for use at home is akin to having a salon wax in your own bedroom. It comes in a stand up dock with an electrical cord which is plugged into a mains socket. The wax heats up in 20 minutes and rolls on to skin via the roller on the applicator.

As someone who has worked in a professional salon, with ‘real’ wax, i usually look down at products which ‘think’ they can give salon results at home, ie; wax strips. I was hesitant about trying out this product, as i thought it would be the same. But i was wrong. I will happily admit it.


Application with the Easy Wax was smooth, even and clean. The wax even smelt like salon wax, which instantly put my mind at ease. Easy Wax is formulated with natural beeswax so is said to be suitable for sensitive skin too. I used the Easy Wax to rid myself of hairy gremlin arms.

The kit comes with a set of strips which i used to wax with, it literally took me 15mins to do both arms (half arms) once the product had heated up. This roll on kit is said to remove hair as short as 2mm, with results lasting up to 4 weeks (depending on the individuals rate of hair growth).

There are finishing wipes in the kit to clean and smooth skin after the treatment. I found waxing with Easy Wax so efficient and the result on par with a salon wax. I am most impressed.

The wax carton is replaceable once used, the box says it will last for up to four sessions. I have yet to discover if this is the case.

If you hate visiting the salon, or can never take time out to make your wax appointments, i’d highly recommend this. Its easy, compact and the results as super. Thumbs up Veet.

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