Daddy’s Girl: How I Got My Very Own Nail Polish Shade

This week Nails Inc launched a new nail polish. Nothing amazing about that? Well actually there is. This nail polish shade, Daddy’s Girl was designed and named by me. YES ME!

So exciting! Here it is…

Daddy's Girl: My very own, personally created nail polish.

Late last year i won a competition which Nails Inc had run, the prize invloved creating a nail shade to go on sale as part of their summer season range.

I knew right away the tone i wanted my polish to be. I had worked backstage at LFW SS12 and seen a multitdue of pastels on the runway.  I created a moodboard which i sent to the lovely Natalia at Nails Inc, and so began the journey of creating my pastel nail polish.

My nail polish colour was inspired by the pastels of LFW SS12. I highlighted the colours that i wanted my polish to match.

The colour in my mind was a soft orange, which eventually became a peach. Apart from the colour, i also wanted the polish to be creamy giving a sweet, candyfloss finish rather than glossy or iridescent. I reveived a few samples of my shade which Nails Inc had produced, i tweaked them until we got to the final tone, consistency and finish.

Naming my polish was a bit of a difficult one for me. Do i name it after me, or after my blog, or something to reflect the colour? Eventually i decided to dedicate it to the most important man in my life, my dad, who is always there for me, going out of his way to make things happen for me and my siblings.

Daddy’s Girl is now available to buy online here at Nails Inc. I hope you love it as much as i do. Take a look here for fun ideas on how to wear Daddy’s Girl.

I would like to say a HUGE thanks to Natalia and everyone Nails Inc for such and amazing opportunity. And a very big thanks to everyone who helped me win the competition.

Here is my gorge friend Hayley modelling Daddy’s Girl just before a Saturday night out. She is so well coordinated in ‘Daddy’s Girl’ colours.

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