Fix Hairband Wrist Syndrome: Goody Doublewear 2 in 1

This is my wrist on a daily basis:

The usual jewellery…and then these two, old, obligatory and rather scraggy hairbands. Found blemishing the wrist of many a lady, but a godsend in those ‘i need to do some serious work, better push my hair up’ moments, a hairband wrist is the extension of any girl’s beauty routine!

Although i couldn’t do without these little elasticated accessories, i do often look down and think how ugly they look.

So imagine my awesome delight, when these hotties landed on my doorstep.

Goody Doublewear 2 in 1 Ponytailer and Bracelet. This is a heavenly invention, i bow down in love to Mr or Mrs Goody. Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner. Hell, why didn’t i think of this!

I’m worryingly excited about the prospect of trading in scraggy hairband wrist for smart hairband wrist. These 2 in 1’s not only secure my hair, but also look pretty darn nice wrapped around my wrist.

Goodbye to scraggy wrists forever.

Available from Boots £3.79 for a pack of 3.

3 thoughts on “Fix Hairband Wrist Syndrome: Goody Doublewear 2 in 1

  1. I have exactly the same problem. These look fab so definitely another trip to Bots for me this week. Do they also help you escape the dreaded indentation mark that a normal hairband leaves on your wrist when you take it off? Thanks for the tip!

    Elena x

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