Nails Inc New Launches

I’m loving the new collections launching at Nails Inc, they are bursting with ways to make nails look gorgeous. Here are some of my favourites to look out for:

Special Effects: These nail sprinkle polishes give a lush effect, like the top of a sprinkled covered cupcake. Available in four colours, these are an instant nail ‘pick me up’.

Nail Jewellery: If you love sparkle and glitter, these have fallen straight from heaven. Giving an amazing effect, the particles of glitter are much larger and randomly shaped so really reflect the light in a crystal effect way. Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire and Pink Diamond will be my jewellery of choice over the next few months!

Queens Juliblee: This limited edition glitter polish is dedicated to the Queen’s Jubilee. Its a sparkling mix of Silver, Red and Blue particles, not to mention the bling encrusted lid to help celebrate the royal anniversary.

Neon Shades: Bold neon nails are the way to go. Nails Inc have a collection of six amazing colours to adorn your nails; Yellow, Purple, Pink, Green, Blue and Orange.

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