Summer Hair: The Halo Braid from Charles Worthington

If there was ever a perfect hairstyle for summer days and festival fun, this is it. The Halo Braid from Charles Worthington is HAWT!

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It’s easier if a friend/ sister can help you do this, but also isn’t impossible to do alone.

Here is the lowdown from the CW team on how to get your very own Halo Braid.

1.  Prep hair with Front Row Sculpting Mousse £6.12 paying particular attention to the hairline.
2.  Blow dry upside down creating a slight flick at the ends.
3.  Start with a classic french plait from the nape of the neck just above the left ear and then work your way around the hairline from left to right (you are braiding from ear to ear) ensure that you bring the hair up to the front of the head as you braid.
4.  Apply a pea size amount of Front Row High Definition Crackle Wax £6.12 into the palm of your hands and gently glide over the underneath of the plait for definition and shine
5.  Continue to braid around the head in a circular motion clockwise. When you reach the opposite point, start to pull in the isolated section of hair to continue where you started. Once you get to the end, finish the lengths and ends with
a normal plait and secure with a clear hair band.
6.  Fold excess hair back on itself and tuck under the original plait and hold in place with a couple of grips to secure the style.
7.  Finish with Front Row Forever Lasting Hairspray £6.12 and use your fingers to buff the front of the hairline for a soft fluffy halo effect.

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